My Business Reading Plan

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My Business Reading Plan

I absolutely love reading, and I do a lot of it, but I realized there wasn’t any structure to how I read.  So I’m sharing my business reading plan in the hopes of getting more out of my reading and it will keep me on track.  I’ve been talking more about the strategies I’m using to grow my business and the goals I want to reach.  Reading will help me reach all the goals and work towards those strategies.  As they say readers are leaders ;)


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I read business books consistently, but I read it and then it’s done.  Nothing happens. I don’t really get anything out of it.


Literally I get all this awesome info and then poof.  Gone. I don’t always remember what was said, but there’s never a plan of how I can or can’t use it.


Reading for Pleasure vs For Business

Please don’t think I’m going to stop all my frivolous pleasure reading because I won’t.  I think it’s important to continue to read books for the adventure and fun. I just want to make sure that I’m getting something out of the books that I do read.


When I read for business the goal is to get information that I can use.  I usually take time to highlight or underline key ideas or quotes that I want to go back to.  Now I’m also going to make sure that I write about what I read as well.


Changing My Reading Habits to Grow

My goal is to build stronger reading habits.  I want to make sure that I’m truly taking in all the great books that I read.  It’s not enough to just read it. I want to be able to apply it.


For me this means a bit more focused time during the day for reading.  Business reading can’t just be my before bed activity. I’ll save that for my fun reading.


Organizing My Reading List

I just started keeping my reading plan and list in trello.  It’s perfect because I can keep info for my to-be-read list, the book I’m reading, and books I’ve read in one place.  I can keep any notes attached the card so all my information is one place. So far I think it’s a fantastic way to stay organized, and I love it.


I’ll be sharing more about my reading and how it’s going on the blog, and I love to hear what you do when you read.

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