Why You Should Shoot In Manual

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Why You Should Shoot in Manual

The first time I pick up my DSLR I was so excited to get started.  I just wanted to go out and shoot everything, and tried to take all the pretty pictures.  I definitely didn’t know why you should shoot in manual mode!


Shooting on auto just didn’t get the photos I wanted all the time.   The camera isn’t always right. It can get it wrong a lot!


Learning my camera was just the first step.  Learning about photography was the next step.  I created a whole blog series around using a DSLR camera in your creative business, but this posts focuses on why taking control of your creativity when using a DSLR is important.


Shooting In Manual

First there are different modes you can set the camera to such as auto, program mode, aperture priority, shutter priority, and manual mode.  Each of these modes allow a different amount of control over your camera. What makes manual mode so amazing, in my opinion, is it gives you full control (can I get a Type A holla). When you use manual mode to shoot, you get decide what the finished product looks like.  This can be important when you’re in different lighting situations.


Sometimes the Camera Gets it Wrong

As I’ll show you in my full photo course sometimes the camera just flat out gets it wrong (coming soon friends but you can grab the free email course below to get you started).  


The camera just doesn’t have a brain ( I know such a shock).  I mean it’s pretty freakin smart and it does pretty well in auto depending on the situation, but when you want to take beautiful photos consistently manual mode is your friend.  


When you put the camera in auto it can get confused by a backgrounds.  This throws the camera and you get a photo you might not have intended (too light, or dark), so learn fix it by shooting in manual mode.  


Developing a Style

One of the best parts of shooting in manual mode is you get to decide on the style of all your photos.  The more you’re able to play with the settings the more you see different ways to shoot the same scene. You begin to see how you want your images to look.  This is exactly why you want to learn to take photos for your handmade business.


You want your product photos to be yours.  If you’re ready to get started make sure you grab the FREE email course below because it will give you actionable steps to start taking photos beautiful photos of your products.


Limitless Creativity

In my opinion manual mode is where creativity begins with your DSLR.  Learning to use your camera to its full potential is how you begin to have fun with your camera.  It’s how you create images that interest you. It’s how you begin to play with your camera.


If you got this far and you’re like girl tell me more about taking product photos then you’ll want to grab starter photo course for handmade business owners below.  

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