How to Take Consistent Photos for Your Creative Business and Blog

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How to Take Consistent Photos for your Business and Blog

Figuring out how to take consistent photos for your creative business is like figuring out your personal style.  Your style should reflect who you are and your business photos should represent what your business is. This series wouldn’t be complete without talking about how to have a photo style that is yours.


Starting out it took me a while to figure out my style and the way I wanted my photos to look.  Did I want an editorial look or just casual? Did I want light and airy or dark and moody? I wasn’t sure!  


Every photo I took had a different style.  Once I knew what I wanted I figured out exactly how to edit my photos the same way every time.


I’m sharing the process of how to get consistent photos for your business and blog.


Decide on a Style

Defining the style for your brand is essential to getting photos you love.  You want your business photos to be notable and consistent. When people see your photos you want them to know it’s your business.  


When your photos are all over the place with style people get confused.   Consistency helps build know, like, and trust which is essential to marketing a business.


So pick a style that suits you and your business.  Know what colors fit your brand and use those in your photos.  Pick props that fit-in with your brand style. Find backgrounds that match your brand colors.


Learn the Craft

Once you know what you want your style to be you’ll want to know how to take photos that get you what you want.  If you want light and bright you might need to learn to use reflectors or find great natural light.  If you want dark and moody it will be important to use shadows effectively when you’re taking photos.  I think the best way to do this is with a DSLR, but people can also take awesome phone photos when they know how to use light.


Perfect Your Editing

You’ll also want to know how to edit your photos for your style.  Knowing how to edit photos is key to making photos look how you want.  This way you can enhance the photo you took and develop your photo style further.  I believe using Lightroom is the best way to edit photos but their lots of editing platforms available.  I recommend it because it allows you save photos correctly for web.  You want to have a process for editing your photos that helps you get your photo style consistently.


Develop a System

The last step to taking consistent blog photos is making sure you have a system so that you can grab photos that fit your brand whenever you need to.  When you know what fits your brand and you have simple techniques you can use to easily grab photos that reflect your biz style then you can take great photos whenever you need to.  


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