3 Simple Steps to Take Amazing Product Photos Even When You’re Short on Time!

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3 Simple Steps to Take Amazing Product Photos Even When You’re Short on Time!

Oh my goodness friend finding the time to get everything done in business can be overwhelming.  Throw in actually having a life outside of being a business and it can be completely unmanageable.  This is exactly why I’m sharing these 3 simple steps to take amazing product photos even when you’re short on time.

I’ve shared how I like to make time for creativity before, but here I go into depth into how I do it specifically for taking styled photos.


Preplanning will save you a ton of time in the long run.  What you’ll need to do is plan out the props you’ll need in advance. Then you can figure out the type of backgrounds you’re going to use.  

Make sure you gather all the things you’ll need for the day of the shoot in one place. I really like to make a quick shot-list for myself. Then I know I will get all the photos I need, but I always allow time for inspired shooting. Usually, when I’m in the flow and styling photos the ideas start to flow even more.

You definitely want to make sure you get your essential shots though!  Having all the materials I need and the knowledge of what actually needs to get accomplished gives me so much breathing room for being creative.

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Time Block

One of the best ways to get a lot of photos taken at one time is to block out the time to just shoot your product photos.  When you’re constantly running between creating and then photographing everything takes longer.

This way you won’t be switching between shooting and creating. You’ll be fully focused on what you need to get done!

What you want to do is block out a set of time to photograph a batch of new products. You can pick the best settings for your camera one time. Find the best lighting and take a ton of beautiful photos!  When you block time to do it you also have the added benefit of feeling like you’re in a groove.

Batch Create

In order to get the most of blocking your time, you’re going to create multiple products at once.  Having many different options to photograph will allow you to get more done for your online shop. You won’t have to worry about when you’re going to photograph your next creation.  Each piece will be done ahead of time and this will save you a tremendous amount of time.

Batch Edit

If you’re batching your photos then you’re going to want to batch your editing as well.  When you batch editing you’re able to pay attention to your style more effectively. It will be quicker because you’ll have an idea of how to edit each photo. Editing through a flow of photos at once is so much quicker.

Knowing how you want to edit your photos, and using your time well to get it done is the easiest way to get through editing fast!

Create a System

As creatives, we naturally want to be able to work through inspiration. When you’re running a business you can’t rely only on inspiration. When you have been doing use the above steps for some time you’ll be able to figure out what works best for you.

Make note of how you do things each time. Ask yourself questions like: Is this working? Could it be more efficient? Am I getting the photos I need? Use this information to write out your personal process.

Use this info to create systems for photographing your products. This will give you time and space to work on the creative side of your biz.  Once you have a system in place for shooting and editing everything runs much smoother.

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