This is Why You Need a Brand for Your Product Photos

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This is Why You Need a Brand for Your Product Photos

So often I see creatives make these gorgeous products, but then their photos totally do not show the quality!  This is why you need a brand for your product photos. You want photos that sell not ones that detract your potential customer from ever even checking out what you’ve got!

What is a Brand?

To begin you definitely need to know what a brand actually is!  Your brand is made up of your vision, voice, and visuals.  

Once you know who your market is, what makes your products unique, and the problem your product solves you’re able to better work on showing off what makes your product biz so different and amazing.

Your brand will decide the type of visuals you’ll use.  When you have a bright and cheery brand those are the exact types of photos you’ll be taking.  I take you through the roadmap of building your photo brand in this Free email course, so make sure you check it out to get more clarity.  Grab the free course now!

Why You Need a Brand

Stand Out

Ok, let’s face it there are so many online handmade shops on Etsy, on Amazon, and on personal websites.  The market is huge! You’re only chance you have of standing out is having a consistent brand that is only yours!  Once you have a well-developed brand style and then customers will come to recognize your product as yours and note your awesomeness!  

You want to be able to be heard above the noise, but the real key is to not be heard above the noise but to stand apart from all the other handmade businesses out there.  You can definitely do this with your photos so grab the Free email course that walks you through doing just that.

Look Professional

A solid brand style makes your handmade biz seem established.  It creates a trust factor with your potential clients. Having a solid brand helps establish your craft as a real product for purchase.  When you don’t have a quality brand through visuals and voice then people aren’t sure what they’re going to get from your products. You want your customers to know just how legit your biz is!

Attract Customers

One of my favorite way to think of this is you’re always trying to attract your ideal customers and repel the wrong fits.  I mean who wants to have a customer that only wants to change everything about the product you’ve created. They’re more likely to give a bad review or be a pain to handle….so it’s so much better for them not to even try to choose your biz in the first place.  

I already know I’m not for everyone, but the clients I do work with are absolutely the best!!!   This is because of my brand and what I create. This is exactly what I want for your biz. Continue to attract your repeat customers.

For all these reasons you definitely want to make sure you establish your brand for your handmade biz.

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