3 Tips to Love Your Wedding Photos

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Tips to Love Your Wedding Photos

I may be a little biased, but your wedding pictures are one of the most important parts of your wedding.  That being said here are my top 3 tips to love your wedding photos. Also, don’t forget to grab the free quick sheet with 4 extra tips to love your wedding photos at the bottom ;)

Know Your Style

Style matters!  The current work I show on my website and on Instagram is exactly how I edit photos for my couples’ weddings.  If you’re looking for light and bright beautiful photos you know you’ll get that. If you’re looking for dark and moody photos then you know you need to find a photographer that has work that shows this style!  Make sure you check out your photographer’s wedding galleries on their website as well. Check out wedding blogs and look at the different styles of photography. Figure out how you would want your photos styled.

Be Honest with Your Musts

Know exactly the photos that will have a lot of meaning to you and your family.  As a photographer, I already know the general photos that I need and want to get for your wedding, but what I need you to tell me about are the special details specific to your wedding.   

If you don’t let your photographer know that you added special moments or you want a shot with all your college classmates or it’s really important that your cousin traveled from London to make your wedding then we can’t make sure you get that photograph.  

When you share the important parts of the day with your photographer, they can make sure it’s captured. I have all my couples complete a questionnaire to make sure we don’t miss any of those details and I add it to their timeline!

Choose a Photographer You Like

You will spend the most time during the day with your photographer!  It’s so important to me that my couples enjoy spending time with me. The goal is for your day to be fab, for you to have the best time, and to look fantastic doing it.  This exactly why I get to know my clients. Then when the wedding day rolls around we have a blast!

If you’re not sure if it’s time to pick your photographer make sure you read this post: what to do before you hire your wedding photographer.

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