5 Reasons Why You Should Do a Personal Brand Photoshoot

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Reasons Why You Need a Personal Brand Photoshoot

There are so many important reasons why you should do a personal brand photoshoot.  I’m sharing just a few of them now!  

If you need a refresher about what it is head here.

Now for why you should get one done!

1. Get Your Time Back

Look let’s face it we all want more time!  When we go to create a post or share about our work it makes it so much easier to have options available!  This is exactly what I create in my personal brand sessions with my clients.  You come out with options to use in your posts and on your websites.  I want my clients to have the visuals that support what they talk about in their business right at their fingerprints.

Once you have a personal brand session, you’re not searching through stock photos looking for images that fit what you’re talking about.  Now you have one less step to go through!  You can also save even more time by organizing your photos based on how you’ll use them!

2. Originality

Look I love stock photos I’ve even created them to use, but most people have really similar photos.  But do you know what they don’t have?  Your face!  I’m kidding.  Kind of…I mean they do not have your face and that helps create originality!

When you have photos of you to use that express what you want to show in your business you’re more likely to have options to use.  You will have work to show off that is exclusive to your brand and design.  This can only help differentiate you from every other great business out there

3. KLT

Yep, you got it.  It helps with your know like and trust.  Look I know this can be considered trite and over talked about.  BUT having a know like and trust factor in your business is over talked about because it is essential.  You want people to embrace your brand wholely.  This will also help repel those that are truly not meant for your brand.    

You’re making this especially possible when you have images that show you doing the work you’re great at.  They will start to understand what you’re capable of.  They will see all that your business offers.  

4. Social Media Stash

Having a stash of photos that express your brand can be such a lifesaver when you’re trying to come up with post ideas.  Sometimes it’s helpful to have a visual you can reference to get yourself creative ideas started.  Other times you just need a photo that relates to your brand. This is exactly why doing a brand shoot can be so beneficial!  

There are so many places to be visible on social right now and whether you’re creating a insta post or Pinterest graphic it will help to utilize your own brand photos.  Then you can begin to stand out!

5. Level Up Your Brand

So often when small business owners start out they make sure to grab or create a logo so they feel more official.  Then maybe they remember to get a headshot or try to create one themselves.  If you want to look like an established brand friend you need to have branded photos you’re proud of.  Not just a headshot you got your hubs to take for you!  Level up your biz and show how profesh you look ;)

Want to find out more about doing a personal brand photoshoot?

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