How I’ve Coped During Quarantine

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How I’ve Coped During Quarantine

Life is completely different than what I thought I would face this year.  I’m sharing exactly how I’ve coped during quarantine.  

Nobody could have planned for what we’ve been facing this year with a pandemic.  It’s tried me in new ways as a mom, a wife, and a business owner!  Here’s what has worked for me so far…

Started With Grace

Friend I could not get through this time without a big heaping helping of grace.  No one is going to get through this perfectly and if you are this post is not for you!  

So I’m not even looking for perfection.  I’m allowing each day to be what is.  There’s a plan and a schedule, but sometimes it doesn’t go exactly like the template.  Things are not going to be exactly how I want all the time because just isn’t normal.  Emotions run high and we just need to allow grace for how we are coping through this difficult time.

Focused on Health

I made different goals than I had to start out the year.  I don’t get to go to my yoga studio anymore right now and sometimes my new schedule doesn’t always fit with classes.  I find that now I need to have the choice for whatever time that works for me.  I’m more likely to do an on-demand workout or youtube video.

But I make sure I move my body every day because it just feels better! 

Prioritized Gratitude

This is something that has really made a difference in how I approach my days.  I look for the small moments every day.  I try to be on the lookout for times during the day that feel good.  Watching my kids learn to skate, having dinner as a family.  All of these little moments of joy need to be celebrated right now!  I then make sure to write them down at the end of the day so I have a little collection of moments that brought me joy throughout the day.

Finding Connection

I’ve made a major effort to stay connected with people.  I’ve been on more zoom meetings than I have ever been on in my whole life!  I’ve chatted with new and old friends.  It’s amazing to hear how everyone is doing and what they’re up to.  It’s also really great to not be in this all alone.

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