The Best Chicago Engagement Photo Locations

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There are so many beautiful locations to take photos around the city, but here’s a list of the best Chicago engagement photo locations!

North Avenue Beach

The Best Chicago Engagement Photo Locations

North Avenue Beach is one of my favorite views of the Chicago Skyline! I love that you get to walk along the path that overlooks the whole city!

Grant Park Formal Gardens

Grant Park Formal Gardens

I love the Grant Park Formal Gardens as an engagement photo location because of the beautiful landscape and a peek of the city.  It’s really pretty both in summer and fall.  The canopy of trees add so much color to your photos.

Art Institute South Gardens

The Best Chicago Engagement Photo Locations

The Art Institute South Gardens is such a classic chic spot for engagement photos.  There’s a fountain feature that people love along with all the ivy!  Plus the simple white building of the Art Institute makes for a simple background that doesn’t distract from you and your love!

Ida B Wells Drive

Ida B Wells Drive

Ida B Wells Drive really is versatile! It gives some city view without putting you right in the middle of all the crowds. 

Museum Campus

Shedd Aquarium Engagement Photos

I love the Museum Campus for engagement photos!  I don’t get to take photos there nearly enough!!  There are so many different spaces to take advantage of when you’re there. 

Montrose Harbor

Montrose Harbor tends to be more of a quiet location for engagement photos, and it still has a small view of the city.  If you’re looking for more greenery this is a great location to visit because the bird sanctuary at Montrose offers tons of greenery and you can still go out by the lake for the view of the city!

Northerly Island

Northerly Island

If you love a location that feels almost like you’re just out in a nature space Northerly Island is for you!  I love the beach and walking paths for engagement photos!!

The Wrigley Building

The Best Chicago Engagement Photo Locations

If you’re looking for an iconic spot in the city than the Wrigley building is one of the best!

North River Walk

North Riverwalk

The Chicago Riverwalk path to get a unique view of the Chicago architecture as your backdrop.  If you choose this location it’s great be able to use the upper part of the Riverwalk and then head down by the river!  I especially love the cement walkway that you can use as seating!

Olive Park

Olive Park is my second favorite view of the city!  You’re so close to the skyline it feels almost like you can reach out and touch it!  There are a few different spots that you can choose to go to take photos and the tree-lined path offers some variety!

Bridges over the Chicago River

The Best Chicago Engagement Photo Locations

I really love the Chicago Bridges as an add-on location for your photos!  If you’re already heading to one of the other great spots throughout the city the bridge offers a great location to enjoy!

North Pond

North Pond

North Pond in Lincoln Park is a location people don’t often think about for photos, but in the Spring it’s such a beautiful spot for photos!  You get a lovely pocket view of the city!

Lincoln Park Honeycomb and Naturewalk

The Honeycomb and Naturewalk probably offer the most variety of spaces!  You have the bridge that overlooks the city, the Honeycomb with a small view of the city and all the nature space!  I love going there and getting to enjoy so many unique locations all in one place!

A Quick List of Great Rain Locations

Chicago History Museum

Union Station

The Lyric Opera

Garfield Park Conservatory

Lincoln Park Conservatory

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